If your upholstery could tell tales, what would it say? Would it shout with pride ‘I look great all the time!’ or would it mumble quietly “I’m not looking my best today”

Here at Lincoln Carpet Care, we can provide deep cleaning, maintenance cleans and protection for all types of upholstery from individual dining chairs to modern l-shaped sofas, headboards, footstools and much more.

We use hot water extraction and dry cleaning for most types of upholstery and specialist methods for delicate fabrics and leather. With carefully selected products, professional equipment and highly trained, knowledgeable operatives, you can be assured of a second to none service and our dedication to keeping your upholstery looking great.

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Kids with blackcurrant or adults with red wine always has the potential to cause unsightly stains on your upholstery. To help protect from spills and stains we can apply products that have stain guarding properties, giving you that crucial time to dilute the spillage with water and grab those towels to mop up the worst of the damage, giving the best chance of no or little staining. As with all stain guarding products we recommend yearly cleaning and application of the products to receive the best possible results.


We have dedicated staff who can advise and complete any repairs your upholstery may require, from small patches and restitching to full recovering and frame issues.

Using both traditional and modern techniques we can make your upholstered furniture look like new after damage, give it a new lease of life or even bring it up to date with current trends and design features.

Bring your Furniture to Life

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