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Do you have dry clean only curtains? Vintage, silk or where privacy is paramount? We can clean most materials in situ, meaning no taking them to the dry cleaners, taking a chance on the washing machine or unsatisfactory results from using domestic products. We will arrange a convenient time with you, or where in situ cleaning isn’t possible, we operate a collection and drop off service.

With carefully selected products, professional equipment and highly trained, knowledgeable operatives, you can be assured of a second to none service and our dedication to keeping your curtains looking great.

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If the linings of your curtains have perished due to sunlight or perhaps the headers are wearing thin, we can offer a range of services to restore them to their former glory.

Protection & Flame-proofing

The majority of curtains won’t benefit from standard Stain Guard products as they generally don’t encounter the everyday issues in the same way as carpets and upholstery. However, if you have floor length curtains in high volume traffic areas or in an area of hard flooring that requires regular mopping, this is a service you might consider to protect the lower parts from becoming excessively soiled and ultimately ruined.

For commercial venues such as village halls with stage curtains or hotels we can provide a Flameproofing service to ensure materials meet current safety requirements.

Clean & Safe Curtains

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